Task Force History


The MSA sexual assault task force began in the Fall of 2017. Read about our launch in the StarTribune. Here are some of the things we worked on during the 2017-2018 school year:


We passed a resolution through MSA forum regarding Athletics policy. President Kaler and AD Coyle are supportive of changing the definition of suspension to include practice. 


We have advocated for amnesty for sexual assault survivors reporting. Read about it in the Star Tribune. While we did not get a hearing on the legislation, this work will be continued next year.


We are advocating for another direct staff position for the Aurora Center. MSA passed a resolution on this at the April 10th forum, read the resolution here.


We hosted a UMPD workshop on the evening of April 18th that aimed to help students better understand the intimidating process of reporting an assault while addressing common misconceptions about reporting an assault to the police. View a live stream of the event here.


In partnership with EOAA, the Aurora Center, and UMPD, the task force created a video “Who’s Who: Who Can You Go to If You’ve Been Sexually Assaulted.” This video is now used in first year, transfer, and graduate student online orientation courses.”​ View it here


"It Ends Here" 2018 Campaign Statement 

The Minnesota Student Association firmly supports survivors of sexual assault and urges the university to take further action to improve campus policy, combat the lack of accountability and lack of discipline for these crimes, and improve the culture on campus surrounding sexual assault. All too often, allegations of sexual assault are not taken seriously. We must send a unifying message to perpetrators that their behavior will not be tolerated among any of our communities.


The Sexual Assault Task Force will support survivors of sexual assault with a multifaceted plan of action. That includes this Awareness Campaign designed to promote the process of obtaining consent and healthy relationships, promoting bystander intervention, informing students of their rights and resources, and including communities that historically haven’t been included in the conversation. We have been collaborating with University Relations, and they will expand the student-led, ‘it ends here’ campaign in the fall, part of the President's Initiative to Prevent Sexual Misconduct. 


We have made it a priority of our task force to uplift the voices of individuals historically excluded from these conversations including the LGBTQ+ community, students of color, and students with disabilities. It is important to recognize these communities are disproportionately affected by sexual violence. Additionally, we want to recognize male-identified survivors of sexual assault, who are not typically included in these conversations. We will work to provide resources and information as to how everyone on campus can and must support these communities.


If you have been a victim of sexual assault or rape, please know that there is support on campus available for you. The Aurora Center’s 24-hour help line is (612) 626-9111.

Partnership with Gopher Athletics

On April 12 the Spring Football Game was "It Ends Here" themed, members of the team and coach P.J. Fleck came on to the field with oars and t-shirts displaying 'It Ends Here' logo. The players also had our logo on their helmets throughout the game. Additionally, several of them chose to take part in our video, keep an eye out near the end!

Learn more about the partnership here.