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The Rules of Recycling 

UMN Recycling Guide - a list by the UMN Recycling Program on what you can and cannot recycle on campus.

The UMN Recycling Program has also created a waste guide for disposing of unwanted items. If you still have questions after reviewing their guide, call the Recycling Hotline at 612-625-8084.

Composting? Cool! 

Organics recycling is expanding across campus. Check out this organics recycling guide for what you can and cannot compost in the organics recycling bins.

Reducing Food Waste

The Food Recovery Network has created a list of tips and tricks for reducing your food waste at home.

Going Zero-Waste

Zero-waste is a practice of diverting waste from entering a landfill or the garbage incinerator. If you or your student group would like to hold a Zero-Waste Event, use the Zero-Waste Event Guide, then fill out aZero-Waste Event Request Form.

Overflowing Trash and Recycling Containers

Indoor recycling and trash containers are handled by custodial staff. Call the Facilities Management Call Center at 612-624-2900 to report overflow. Outdoor containers are handled by U of M Landcare. For maintenance of outdoor containers, call 612-625-7361.

Off-campus Organics

The City of Minneapolis provides organics recycling carts and curbside collection. Here is a link with more information on organics recycling drop-off locations.

Students and Agriculture

Check out the student group West Bank Community Garden on West Bank and Cornucopia Student Organic Farm on St. Paul Campus.  If you’re interested in supporting local agriculture from eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin, consider the Gopher Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

The University ReUse Program

The University ReUse Program has surplus office furniture, supplies, equipment, and parts, that are available to University departments or individuals for purchase. The Reuse Program is located at 883 29th Avenue, S.E., Minneapolis. Please call 612-626-9152 for more information or visit their website.

The Pack & Give Back Program

The University of Minnesota ReUse Program started Pack & Give Back in May of 2013, an initiative aimed at reducing waste generated by students moving at the beginning and end of each semester.

Institute on the Environment / Minor in Sustainability!

The University’s Institute on the Environment is focused on creating a sustainable future through interdisciplinary projects, fellowships, grants, and leadership programs. Visit the Sustainability Education Department’s website to learn more about the many sustainability-related academic opportunities at the U.

Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability and their educational campaign It All Adds Up provides direction and coordination for operational sustainability initiatives on the Twin Cities campus. They are a great resource for all of your sustainability needs!

Join a Student Group!

There are many sustainability student groups with niche interest areas here on campus. Search for them on Gopher Link and check out the Sustainability Network Coalition on Facebook, which aims to increase coordination and collaboration between sustainability student groups.

Clean Commuting

The University and surrounding areas are easily navigable by bike, especially with the presence of Nice Ride bike renting stations. If you do not bike, the Campus Connectors and Circulators are a great way to get from West Bank to East Bank to St. Paul! If you live farther away from campus, U of M students are able to get a discounted U-Pass to ride city transit. The light rail is yet another option, and all students can get a free Campus Zone Pass for the three stops on campus to ride the lightrail for free between West Bank and East Bank.