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Amy Ma
Amy Ma- President.JPG



Amy is a fourth year student studying Management Information Systems and Computer Science with a minor in Philosophy. She's passionate about making our campus more accessible - from housing to tuition. Besides student advocacy, Amy loves coffee, movies, and responding to emails : - )

Sophronia Cheung

Vice President



Sakshi Aul



Chief of Staff to the President

Daniel Akah



Akah is a third-year student pursuing a B.A. in human physiology along a pre-medical track. He has been involved in MSA for two years as an intern and government and legislative affairs fellow. He is passionate about the recognization of black art my mainstream media and medical amnesty. Outside of school, he enjoys writing and recording music and catching up with friends at Sally's!

Chief of Staff to the Vice President

Akah is a third-year student pursuing a B.A. in human physiology along a pre-medical track. He has been involved in MSA for two years as an intern and government and legislative affairs fellow. He is passionate about the recognization of black art my mainstream media and medical amnesty. Outside of school, he enjoys writing and recording music and catching up with friends at Sally's!

Lauren Meyers



Lauren is a senior studying Finance and Arabic. She also serves as the co-chair of the Office for Student Affairs Mental Health committee. She's from Fostoria, Ohio and considers herself an Ohio enthusiast. Lauren's favorite Excel function is a VLookup, and she will talk about it with anyone who cares enough to ask.

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Buck

Grants Officer


Kevin is a sophomore in the Carlson School of Management studying Finance, Entrepreneurial Management, and Computer Science. He is from Forest Lake, Minnesota where he still loves to retreat back to for time with his family, dogs, and cats. Aside from Grants Director, he is an At-Large-Representative for MSA and a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon. As a third-generation Gopher, Kevin lives maroon and gold and is passionate about building and promoting our UMN community.


Gurty Johal


gurty johal 2020

Gurtaran (Gurty) is a third-year student studying Political Science, Sociology, and Spanish. She is passionate about uplifting the voices of marginalized communities across campus, and she hopes to continue creating a university community in which everyone feels welcomed and empowered. Besides student advocacy, her hobbies include basketball, weightlifting, and spending time with friends/family!

Speaker of Forum

Jack Flom


Jack Flom- SSCC Rep.JPG

Jack is a third year student double majoring in Political Science and Urban Studies and is from Rosemount, Minnesota. They transferred from the University of North Dakota to Seattle Central College before finally coming home to the U of M. The issues most important to them are making tuition free, racial justice and free parking on campus. Outside of MSA they like to golf, fish and spend too much time researching politics. 

MSA Representative to the Student Senate Consultative Committee

Andy Knuppel

Ranking At-Large Representative


Morgan McElroy
IMG_4653 2.jpg

Ranking Voting Member


Morgan is a fourth-year student majoring in Political Science and Communications with a minor in Business Management. He is from Orange County, California but has loved his past four years in Minnesota. Within MSA, Morgan is passionate about increasing Campus Safety and setting out-of-state tuition protections. When not working on MSA, Morgan can likely be found at his fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon, where he serves as Vice President, or catching up with friends at Sally’s!


Bri Sislo-Schutta
Bri Sislo-Schutta- GLA Director.JPG

Government & Legislative Affairs Director

Bri is a third-year student double majoring in political science and strategic communication with a focus in public relations. She's passionate about racial justice in higher education and reimagining a more just and equitable world.


Rose Lloyd


Rose Lloyd- Deputy GLA Director.JPG

Rose is majoring in political science and strategic communication and is passionate about increasing civic participation among young people. She is a big fan of traveling, concerts, the Real Housewives of New York City, and Costco. Rose is especially excited to work to eliminate barriers for students of marginal identities in higher education. 

Deputy Government & Legislative Affairs Director

Sam parmekar- GLA State.JPG

State Coordinator


Sam is a third year political science student at the U of M. Outside of MSA, he enjoys skiing, making election maps, and being aggressively Minnesotan. His favorite issues to advocate for are voting rights, sexual assault prevention, and renters' rights.

Grace Johnson



Local Coordinator

Abdul Mohamed



Federal Coordinator 

Abdul is a 2nd year double majoring in Political Science and Economics. He's passionate about pursuing Racial Justice and pushing the University to better work as a public good for students. His hobbies are watching and playing soccer/basketball, listening to RnB/Hip Hop music, nature, and cooking.


Jael Kerandi


jael keranid 2018 edited.jpg

Jael Kerandi was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and moved to the United States when she 18 months old. Jael is a senior at the Carlson School of Management. Jael is passionate about racial justice and ensuring that our institutions are held accountable. She loves football but enjoys watching almost all sports. She also enjoys babysitting, fitness (specifically weight lifting), and baking. Fun fact: Jael doesn’t use an alarm clock to wake up.

Ranking Representative to the Board of Regents

rodrigo tojo garcia 2020

Representative to the Board of Regents


Rodrigo is a third-year political science and Arabic major from greater Minnesota. He is a fan of trivia, brutalist architecture, and baklava. In his spare time, Rodrigo enjoys cycling and listening to podcasts. This year, Rodrigo is looking forward to advancing advocacy around tuition, fees, and student research protections and is looking forward to working with the systemwide Student Representatives team to bring about positive change across the UMN system.


Kyle Sorbe


Kyle Sorbe- BNTF Chair.JPG

Basic Needs Task Force Chair

Lucie Allen



Sexual Assault Task Force Chair


Matthew Croft



Academic Affairs Committee Director

Margaux Granath
Margaux Granath- Campus Life CD.JPG

Campus Life Committee Director


Margaux Granath is an incoming senior at the University of Minnesota, where she is a Political Science major, double-minoring in Arabic and Business Law. On campus, Margaux is a member of Gamma Phi Beta, an undergraduate student researcher, and the director of an interfaith group. In her spare time, she can be found working on sudoku puzzles and watching elite gymnastics.

Mustafa Ali

Diversity & Inclusion Committee Director


Governess Simpson
Governess Simpson-Health and Wellness CD

Health & Wellness Committee Director


Nikhil Kumaran

Infrastructure Committee Director


A 2nd year student passionate for change. Studying Journalism and Political science in CLA. Hobbies include the outdoors, music, and sports. Passionate about Public Transit awareness and making student life easier.

Madeline Miller


Madeline Miller- Sustainability CD.JPG

Maddie will be a junior at the U this fall, majoring in a Bachelor of Individualized Studies in Political Science, Geography, and Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management. She is excited to make our campus more environmentally just, sustainable, and inclusive, and is always open to various ways and projects to make it happen. She loves drinking coffee, going on walks to look at trees, and watching Avatar the Last Airbender.

Sustainability Committee Director


Shamis Mohamud



Outreach Coordinator

anjum shaik_edited.jpg

Outreach Coordinator


Anjum is a third-year student pursuing dual degrees in Sociology and Global Studies and is originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She enjoys baking, watching basic rom-coms and early bedtimes. Anjum has a passion for advocacy and progressive policy change and loves her outreach work within MSA. She's very excited to work with other student groups and is looking forward to what we can accomplish together as a community!

research and data

Samantha Johnson



Research and Data Team Lead

Shivansh Pandey


Shivansh Pandey- RD Coordinator.JPG

Research and Data Coordinator

Shivansh is a student of junior-standing studying Biomedical Engineering.  Outside of MSA, he serves as the President of the Biomedical Engineering Society, is an undergraduate researcher in the Department of Medicine, and is a Subject Tutor for the Lindahl Academic Center.  Through his role as Research and Data Coordinator, he works to create an environment on-campus where all students feel safe and are able to thrive!

Membership coordinators

Kali Hickman



Kali is a senior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Chicano and Latino Studies. She currently works as a Peer Advisor for the MLK Program and a Major Coach for CAPE. She also serves as the PR Officer for MUPSC. After graduation, she dreams of working as a community organizer and giving back to her community! Outside of academics and work, Kali loves to sing, binge Netflix, and drink coffee!

First-Year Engagement Coordinator

Jade Grippe


Jade Grippe- Membership Coordinator.jpeg

Membership Coordinator

Jade is a junior majoring in Sociology LCD and American Studies with minors in Political Science and Leadership. As membership coordinator, Jade is super excited about connecting people to MSA and getting them more involved with the organization! She's passionate about racial justice and equal access to resources. In her free time you can find Jade trying new coffee shops or exploring the cities!


Shelby Jacobson
Shelby Jacobson- Comms Director.JPG

Communications Director


Shelby is a sophomore studying Marketing and International Business with minors in Spanish and Sustainability. She is passionate about spredsheets and doing all she can to make MSA the best it can be to provide students with the best college experience. She is also apart of Chi Omega and looks forward to the upcoming year with her sisters!

Emily Cash


Emily Cash- Comms Coordinator.JPG

Emily is a second year student studying Marketing and Management Information Systems with minors in Strategic Management and Business Analytics. She is passionate about sustainability, transparency, and accessibility. This term, she hopes to improve student engagement with MSA initiatives and goals.

Communications Coordinator

Ryan Odeja

Social Media Manager


Ryan is a sophomore majoring in strategic communications and sports management. Her role within the comms team is to coordinate all of the MSA social media accounts as well as assisting with photography! Ryan is excited to be able to help keep U of M students informed on topics that impact them and their education. 

Megan Connor
megan connor 2019

Graphic Designer

Megan is a fourth-year student majoring in Strategic Communication and minoring in Environmental Science and Graphic Design. She is passionate about sexual assault awareness and prevention as well as sustainability. In her free time, she loves to paint, read creative nonfiction, and cook!


office hours

All MSA staff are required to hold weekly office hours in our office, Memorial Union 202. Office hours not only allow for increased collaboration and productivity, but they also allow a time for any undergraduate student to meet with their student representatives.

We encourage you to come in with any concerns, ideas, or comments you may have!

To learn when a specific staff member will be in the office, contact them using the emails listed above.