Lucie Allen  (she/her/hers)


We must work together to end sexual misconduct.

It ends here.

Every student deserves to feel safe on this campus. Every student deserves to be heard and needs to know that their story matters. By amplifying the voices of those historically excluded from the conversation, the MSA Sexual Assault Taskforce is expanding the dialogue around sexual misconduct and working to build a campus with zero tolerance for sexual assault. 

What is Consent?


Affirmative: Yes means yes. No means no. Maybe means no. Silence means no.

Voluntary: Without the presence of pressure or coercion. Someone that is

too intoxicated to drive or is not conscious cannot give consent.

Specific: Consent to one act does not mean consent for another. Consent can be withdrawn at any time.

How Does the University of Minnesota

Define Consent?

After a push from the Minnesota Student Association, the University of Minnesota adopted an Affirmative consent policy in 2015, and since then many schools have followed in suit. Read the full definition here.