Aurora Resolution

MSA passed this resolution at our April 10, 2018 forum.

1. An additional staff member for Aurora. 

2. The addition of "Castillo," an online reporting tool for survivors. 

View full resolution here.

Title IX Resolution

Read the full resolution here.

This resolution:

1. Called upon the President of the University to advocate for higher standards around sexual assault responses than those proposed by the new Title IX rules and regulations

2. Called upon the University to align its definition of sexual harassment with proposed bills in the Minnesota Legislature 

3. Urged the University of Minnesota Police Department and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action to continue to respond to off-campus incidents and online sexual harassment

4. Recommended that the University continue to use the preponderance of evidence standard in investigations

5. Asked that the University maintain a mandatory reporting policy

6. Asked that the University continue its strong prevention efforts in educating not only about sexual misconduct policies, but about diversity, equity, and inclusion as well

Aurora Resolution

Passed on April 10, 2018

View the full resolution here.

This resolution:

1. Supported the hiring of  an additional direct service professional staff member for the Aurora Center

2. Asked that a focus on marginalized communities affected by sexual violence be included in the job description for this staff member

3. Recommended expanding the confidential office space allotted to the Aurora Center

4. Encouraged the University to explore a partnership with Callisto, an online reporting tool for survivors.

Athletics Resolution

Passed on February 20, 2018.

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This unanimously passed resolution encouraged the following changes:

1. That a committee be established to make the disciplinary decisions with administration outside of the Athletics Department

2. That the definition of "interim suspension", specifically in the Athletics Department, should also include practice

3. That the Athletics Department should adopt something along the lines of a recruitment ban, meaning they wouldn't actively recruit students with sexual misconduct allegations