research and Data

Our Research & Data Team works to strengthen the student voice by gathering data on the student experience. We gather data through polls and surveys, and then analyze to create useful takeaways. Our advocacy becomes a lot more meaningful when we have scientifically-gathered numbers to back up our efforts.

survey Creation

Survey subjects are developed by interaction with student leaders and concerned members of the community to create relevant questions that address issues specific to our campus. The surveys are created by the Research & Data team using the survey platform Qualtrics, and are sent out to the entire undergraduate student body through emails.

data analysis

The Research & Data team performs both qualitative and quantitative on the survey results, combing through data-sets in order to provide real-time statistics to MSA staff. This analysis allows staff to support initiatives with data-driven findings. This information is collected from students, by students, and in the interest of transparency raw data-sets from the surveys are available for students.

Raw data from the Campus Safety survey can be found here

Raw data from the Health & Wellness survey can be found here

Raw data from the Campus Issues survey can be found here

policy Development 

Relevant findings are compiled into reports that frame statistics in the context of MSA’s policy positions. Specific findings may be used to further proposals in committees or support work by other staff teams.

The policy report created regarding Campus Safety can be found here

The policy report created regarding Health & Wellness can be found here