Renting looks a lot different this year - school is remote, businesses are temporarily closed, and landlords are difficult to communicate with. One thing that hasn’t changed is the lack of affordable, accessible housing close to the University of Minnesota. In fact,

  • Cost is the #1 concern when finding housing for U of M students, ahead of safety and proximity to campus

  • COVID-19 has impacted over 60% of students' retail choices

  • Rental timelines look much different than they have previously, as large rental companies look to pressure students into signing and renewing leases earlier than normal to save their bottom lines

This guide is meant to assist students navigating off campus living, especially during the times of COVID-19. The four components, listed below, hope to encompass the array of concerns students have related to housing; however, with any legal questions or for a lease review, the Minnesota Student Association recommends contacting Student Legal Services.