Board of Regents Selection

The Board of Regents is the twelve-member body that serves as the highest level of governance for the five campuses in the University of Minnesota system. They are responsible for setting the University budget, deciding tuition rates, and setting institutional policy. Every two years, four seats on the Board are up for reappointment by the Minnesota legislature. There is an extensive process to review and select candidates for the Board of Regents, which is outlined below. The legislature delegates much of the process to the Regent Candidate Advisory Council (RCAC), a 24-member panel of citizens and legislators that recruits and interviews candidates for the Board of Regents. You can read more about RCAC and its structure here.


Regents Selection Process Timeline 

  • 12/4/2020: Deadline for candidates to submit the initial application for a seat on the Board of Regents

  • 12/14/2020: RCAC reviewed the 20 candidates that applied and decided which candidates they wanted to interview

  • 1/4/2021-1/8/2021: RCAC interviewed selected candidates and recommended three finalists for each of the four seats

  • 2/23/2021: The Joint Higher Education Committee of the Minnesota legislature will meet to review the 12 finalist candidates and formally nominate one candidate for each of the four seats

  • No later than 5/18/2021: The entire Minnesota legislature will meet in a joint session to officially elect one candidate to each of the four seats


Historically, students have been left out of the Regents Selection Process. Too often, appointments have been made without considering candidates’ positions on student issues. This year, MSA is trying to change that. We consulted with a number of different student groups to develop a student issues questionnaire, which we sent to the twelve finalists selected by RCAC. You can see a blank copy of the questionnaire below, and click on each of the candidates to see copies of their individual responses.