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Background: The Board of Regents is the highest governing body at the University of Minnesota, charged with overseeing and assessing the entire University of Minnesota system, including the five campuses and all outreach centers. The 70,000 students attending the University of Minnesota system are represented by eight Student Representatives to the Board of Regents, all of whom serve a crucial advocacy role for students. The student representatives are responsible for attending board meetings, interacting with students, working with the administration, and creating a report for the regents every year to highlight areas for potential improvement as a University system.


The mission of the Representative to the Board of Regents is to advocate for all the students of the University of Minnesota system. Two representatives are delegated as the undergraduate Twin Cities representatives to share their voices, on behalf of the student body, to the highest governing body of the University of Minnesota. Their sole responsibility is to ensure that they uplift the voice of students and uphold the highest degree of integrity and passion.


The Twin Cities campus has 2-3 Student Representatives to the Board of Regents. The head of this group is the Ranking Representative to the Board of Regents. This rep sits on MSA’s Executive Board. All reps are voting members in MSA forum and attend all required Board of Regents meetings.



Reach out to your student reps! They are always researching, working with other reps and regents, and drafting reports. Input and help is always welcomed.

Keep It Low Campaign: This was a campaign in 2018 that was focused on asking the regents not to raise non-resident, non-reciprocity tuition.


Data Privacy: This was an effort to ensure that students were aware of their data that was being shared and worked closely with our administrative offices to understand our data practices.


Annual Report: Each year the Representatives to the Board of Regents completes a report that is focused on various advocacy topics, the representatives usually utilize 3-5 topics. The annual report is then presented in March to the Board of Regents.


MSA R2R Fellows Program: The mission of this fellowship program is to assemble a group of passionate student advocates, who are interested in the efforts of the Twin Cities Undergraduate Student Representatives to the Board of Regents, and charge them with the responsibility to fulfill a support role for the initiatives of this team. In their support to the two Twin Cities representatives, the fellows will gain strong experience in advocacy, processes, and extensive project management.


Jael Kerandi (she/her/hers)

Ranking Representative to the Board of Regents

Rodrigo Tojo Garcia (he/him/his)

Representative to the Board of Regents