What is the board of Regents? 

What do Student Representatives Do? 

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The Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota is a board of 12 elected officials that govern the University system. This Board creates and oversees policies that affect both the University infrastructure and student life. Examples include approving President Kaler’s budget for the University, dealing with campus crime, and overseeing the various University departments.


The Student Representatives to the Board of Regents are the student voice to the Board. There is at least one rep from every system campus, 2-3 Twin Cities undergraduate reps, and one graduate representative. Reps ensure the Board hears student concerns on various issues through research projects, presentations, and meeting participation.


The Twin Cities campus has 2-3 Student Representatives to the Board of Regents. The head of this group is the Ranking Representative to the Board of Regents. This rep sits on MSA’s Executive Board. All reps are voting members in MSA forum and attend all required Board of Regents meetings.


Reach out to your student reps! They are always researching, working with other reps and regents, and drafting reports. Input and help is always welcomed.




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