intern program

What would I do in MSA?

The MSA Internship Program serves as a way for first-year students to learn about MSA and get experience in the organization. It’s designed to engage students in MSA activities and develop their strengths and skills to affect change at the University of Minnesota. 


You can...

• Catalyze change on campus that directly affects students!
     For example, we have:
          • Created the U-Pass
          • Implemented the Affirmative Consent Policy
          • Pushed for free reusable water bottles for first-year students
          • Advocated for preferred names to be used on University form
• Receive resume and interview preparation, project management
exposure, and more resources
• Understand the operations of a 501(c)(3) certified non-profit
• Build relationships with a variety of motivated student leaders and
University officials

Internship applications for this academic year are closed. Meet our 2020-2021 intern class below!

Owen Antonoplos


MSA Intern - Owen Antonoplos.jpg

Owen is a second year transfer student, he is majoring in microbiology with a minor in marine biology. He loves playing soccer and is an avid ping pong enthusiast.

Brandon Balma


MSA Intern - Brandon Balma.jpeg

Brandon is a freshman at the College of Liberal Arts majoring in Political Science and sociology of law, criminology, and deviance. He is passionate about LGBT representation across campus, promoting diversity, and providing equal opportunity to everyone. Brandon is also involved in MUPSC, Camp Kesem, and is working to start his own club connecting students to those with special needs in high schools across Minnesota.

Isabelle Boelter


MSA Intern- Isabelle Boelter.jpg

Isabelle Boelter is a First-Year student at the University of Minnesota Twin-Cities. She is studying Marketing at Carlson and hopes to earn a minor in Business Analytics and Political Science. Isabelle is passionate about female representation and the voice of students in education. Isabelle is a freshman representative on the Business Board at Carlson and loves to hike, listen to music, and try new recipes.

Sameen Faisal


MSA Intern - Sameen Faisal.jpg

Sameen is currently a freshman in CBS studying Neuroscience. She plans to go to medical school down the road. As a Pakistani Muslim woman, Sameen is well versed with self advocacy. She is passionate about encouraging others to voice their opinions and speaking up for what is right. In her free time, Sameen loves to spend time with friends and be active outdoors. She is also involved in research at the University and volunteers.

Peter Grace


MSA Intern - Peter Grace.HEIC

Peter is a first-year student studying History in the CLA with intended minors in Interdisciplinary Design and Sustainability. He is passionate about accessibility, infrastructure, and the environment. When not studying history or advocating, he enjoys listening to and playing jazz and neo-soul, nordic skiing or training for it, and spending time in the wilderness. Peter looks forward to developing his skills as an advocate and discovering how to best serve his community here at UMN.

Frankie Johnson


MSA Intern- Frankie Johnson.png

Frankie Johnson is a Political Science and History major wanting to spend his days after college being a civil rights lawyer and becoming a politician. Some of his hobbies include hanging out with friends, watching YouTube, keeping up with politics, watching movies, and volunteering. He has two animals, a cat named Cici and a dog named Remy. Frankie's passion in life is just to help people in any possible way he can.

Kimberly Martinez


Kim is a first-year student at the U majoring in Psychology. She is passionate about health and wellness advocacy and strives to encourage interest and advocacy for diversity. She also enjoys traveling and hiking to different national parks.

Meagan Massie


MSA Intern- Meagan Massie.jpg

Meagan is a freshman at the University of Minnesota and is planning to dual major in sociology and fisheries, wildlife, and biology conservation. She loves to box, ballroom dance, and be on staff at a variety of publications. She is a part of a volunteer organization called Krew at KTIS where she participates in different services that benefit the community. Meagan is passionate about advocating for mental health issues and providing resources for them.

Shashank Murali


Shashank is a freshman in CLA and is currently undecided. A couple of advocacy initiatives that he is passionate about at the U of M are improving academics in an online setting and increasing the minimum wage and job opportunities on campus. Shashank is also involved in Model United Nations and some of his hobbies are podcasting, traveling, and hanging out with friends.

Mary Oman


Mary is a current freshman at Carlson. She is a passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ and woman’s rights. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and being outside.

Aala Rashid


MSA Intern - Aala Rashid.jpg

Aala is a freshman at the Carlson School of Management with an intended major in Marketing. She plans to attend law school after undergrad. Aala is passionate about advocating for positive change in communities.

Elise Riniker


MSA Intern - Elise Riniker.jpg

Elise is from Stillwater, Minnesota. She is studying international business and Spanish studies. Elise is passionate about sustainability and mental health awareness. Elise enjoys running, reading, doing anything with friends, listening to Pitbull, and playing Just Dance on the Wii.

Samyu Shankar


Samyu Shankar is a freshman who is majoring in biochemistry and human physiology. She enjoys singing and jamming out to the ukulele on her free time and loves to read action mystery books. Samyu also plays tennis in her free time and loves to advocate for the South Asian community. She is super excited to be part of the MSA Interns program this year and wants to learn from her experiences in the program!

Serena Yang


MSA Intern - Serena Yang.jpeg

Serena Yang is a freshman biology major. She’s excited to be a MSA intern and can’t wait to take part in the committees as well as learning the behind-the-scenes of student government. Outside of school, she enjoys dance, painting, and music.