intern program

What would I do in MSA?

The MSA Internship Program serves as a way for first-year students to learn about MSA and get experience in the organization. It’s designed to engage students in MSA activities and develop their strengths and skills to affect change at the University of Minnesota. 


You can...

• Catalyze change on campus that directly affects students!
     For example, we have:
          • Created the U-Pass
          • Implemented the Affirmative Consent Policy
          • Pushed for free reusable water bottles for first-year students
          • Advocated for preferred names to be used on University form
• Receive resume and interview preparation, project management
exposure, and more resources
• Understand the operations of a 501(c)(3) certified non-profit
• Build relationships with a variety of motivated student leaders and
University officials

This application encompasses:

Committee Project Leadership: This is a great opportunity to work for tangible change on campus. This would put you on a committee that you are interested in and give you great opportunities to lead projects like improving Dining Hall Food, creating a more sustainable campus, and advocating for a fall break. Committees are the workhorse of our organization and where most of the change is created within MSA!


The MSA First-Year Intern Program: This program is designed to engage new students in MSA activities, and develop their strengths and skills to affect change at the University of Minnesota. In this program, you'll get out what you put in--it's rigorous, competitive and 100% worth it. Interns will get to work directly with MSA Leadership and work on projects both big and small throughout the year. Interns will also gain professional development and education about MSA and other groups on campus.

Minnesota Student Association 

300 Washington Avenue S.E.

Minneapolis, MN 55455