Governess Simpson (she/her/hers)

Committee Director

Office Hours: Fridays 10a-12p

Current Initiatives

  • COVID-19 Relief

  • Mental Wellness Advocacy

  • Fitness Accessibility

  • Mental Health Resources for PSEO

  • Telehealth Project

  • SAD Lights Expansion

Past Initiatives

  • Creation of a Mental Health Resource Document for Students

  • Mental Health Campaign: Listen

  • Sexual Health Campaign

  • Represent Student Voice to Administration

  • COVID-19 Response Campaign

  • RecWell Project

  • Boynton Insurance Project

The Minnesota Student Association’s Health and Wellness Committee is committed to promoting all aspects of wellness to the student body by demystifying general health information, creating initiatives, events, and campaigns that further inform the community on best care practices, encouraging health and wellness into the conversation of all critical decisions that affect students, and identifying and revising policies to better equip the student body to foster their own well-being.

The Health and Wellness Committee involves collaborating with Boynton Mental Health, The Aurora Center, RecWell, Student Counseling Services, De-Stress, Learn to Live, Disability Resource Center, and other institutional administration(s), that addresses physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and/or social wellness.


Our work is based on both the experiences and struggles the student body faces regarding health and wellness, and our end goal is to create a campus where students are able to perform at their best because their general well-being is nurtured and supported.


All students who are interested in any facet of our mission are welcome! On a college campus, there is no shortage of work in the Health and Wellness Committee.