MSA offers two types of grants to student groups 


Event  Grants 


Supply  Grants 

Event Grants 

Event Grants serve to help student groups at the University of Minnesota put on events that enhance the student body experience. Events funded by Grants are open to all students and help foster a better experience for students. Event Grants can sponsor promotional materials for the event and venue costs, among other things. 


Please take a look at Event Grant Guidelines here

The REQUIRED Event Grant Budget Template is provided here, you will be asked for the link to your completed budget sheet during the application. 


Maximum Event Grant: $600 when one student group hosts or $900 when two or more student groups co-host and $1200 for three or more student groups.


Deadline to Apply: Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Event grant applications must be submitted no later than one month before the scheduled event date. E.g., if your event is scheduled for September 15th, your application must be submitted by August 15th.

Supply Grants

Supply Grants serve to help ensure student groups are able to effectively operate, allowing groups to enhance the student body experience and create communities for opportunities for tighter bonds between students. Supply Grants can be used for many different types of expenses student groups may incur. However, we are NOT supplying grants for food or apparel. 

Please take a look at Supply Grants Guidelines here

The REQUIRED Supply Grant Budget Template is provided here, you will be asked for the link to your completed budget sheet during the application. 

Maximum Operational Budget Grant: $10 per member, per semester. Up to $500 per semester.


Deadline to Apply: October 1st, 2020

Spring Semester: March 1st, 2021

Receive   Your check! 

MSA Grant checks will be mailed to the student group within one week of their grant request being approved. If your check is not received by the date it is needed, please reach out to Kevin Buck at

This information is also included in the award email groups receive from Kevin Buck, Grants Director, following approval. If you have any questions, please contact him at

msa audits

The audit process is to ensure that student groups are sustainable and responsible with MSA money. Audits will be performed on a rolling basis as they are submitted throughout the year.


The deadline for Event Grant Audits is one week following the event.


The deadline for Supply Grant Audits December 1st for fall semester and May 1st for spring semester.

To get the second half of your grant, please submit an Audit form here and email with your documentation of purchases (receipts and invoices) for your event/supply grant.  Use the exact subject line MSA GRANTS AUDIT DOCUMENTATION, so that it gets sorted into the correct folder.

Important Dates 

October 1st - Last day for supply grant applications (fall semester)

March 1st - Last day for supply grant applications (spring semester)