Forum is the legislative body of MSA. They pass resolutions, vote on the budget, affirm appointments, and represent the undergraduate student body at large

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Our Forum consists of 20 At-Large Representatives, all undergraduate Twin Cities Student Senators, and Student Group Representatives, all with voting rights. We meet every other Tuesday at 4 p.m. in Bruininks 412 from 4-6pm. 


Any undergraduate student can also join MSA and attend Forum as a General Member. General Members do not have voting rights, but they can receive updates on Forum and with what MSA is doing. Sign up for Forum emails here.

To see the minutes of a previous Forum, check out this folder.

To see passed legislation, check out this folder.

Any other questions about Forum or how to get involved can be directed via email to our Speaker of the Forum, Gurty Johal,


Zoom Link for All Dates:

Forum Dates: Semester 1

  • September 29th

  • October 13th

  • October 27th

  • November 10th

  • November 24th

  • December 8th

Forum Dates: Semester 2

  • January 28

  • February 11 - Bruininks 421

  • February 25 - Bruininks 421

  • March 17 - Mayo C231

  • March 31 - May C231

  • April 14 - Mayo C231

  • April 28 - May C231


Forum Board is a team consisting of: 

  • The Speaker of Forum, who is the chair of the legislative body (Forum) of MSA, oversees the legislative process, and ensures compliance with governing documents

  • The Ranking At-Large Representative, who oversees the At-Large Representatives to support their engagement

  • The MSA Representative to the Student Senate Consultative Committee (SSCC), who represents MSA to the SSCC and oversees the Twin Cities undergraduate senators to suppor their engagement. 

They meet once a week before regularly scheduled meetings of Forum and Committee, approve all Forum agendas prior to circulation, and serve as voting members on the Executive Board.

Forum is run using Robert's Rules. You can find an extensive explanation here, but these are the basics:

Student Group Representatives:

Student Group Representatives are encouraged to attend MSA Forum and committee meetings. 


Student Groups may register a representative up until the first Forum of the year. They may sign up again during the period between the last Forum of the semester and first Forum of the following semester. 


Student Group Representatives shall not have more than two unexcused absences from regularly scheduled committee meetings per semester, otherwise they may lose their voting rights in Forum.