fellowship program

What is the MSA Fellowship Program?


As an MSA fellow, you will learn how to bring together a cohort of diverse perspectives, backgrounds and ideologies in order to give a voice to the student body at the University of Minnesota. Fellows offer support to very passionate students that are willing to invest their time in order to make a difference on campus.


  • MSA's Fellowship programs how to bring together a cohort diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and ideologies to represent the student voice to the U.

  • MSA fellowships offer support to very passionate students that are willing to invest time in advocating for the student body.



Why join a fellowship program?


Fellowship programs are an excellent way to gain experience in both advocacy and research while being exposed to professionals, student leaders, and high-level administrators. As a member of the fellowship program, you will have the opportunity to improve the University of Minnesota community and represent students at the highest level of governance.


  • Want to gain experience in advocacy and research

  • Want to network with professionals and student leaders

  • Dedicated to creating a better UMN community

  • Dedicated to representing students at the highest levels of governance

  • Build relationships with administration



Government and Legislative Affairs (GLA) Program 


The Government and Legislative Affairs Team is a part of MSA that works with local, state, and federal government to advocate for laws and promote student civic engagement. Becoming a GLA fellow is a great way to begin work/get hands-on experience in government relations. Not only will they become a core part of our student government but also a voice for students in all levels of government.


Helping to connect students to their representatives through voter registration, Support the U Day, and other events with elected officials is a big part of the work of the GLA team. Fellows will have the opportunity to become familiar with the legislative process, meet with lawmakers, and advocate for changes that will positively impact students. They will also have the opportunity to tailor their experience to issues that they feel strongly about.


You do not need to be a political science major to apply. We encourage undergraduates—first year to seniors—of all backgrounds and ideologies to apply.

For more information on the GLA Team, click here



Representative to Regent (R2R) Program 


The mission of this fellowship program is to assemble a group of passionate student advocates, who are interested in the efforts of the Twin Cities Undergraduate Student Representatives to the Board of Regents and charge them with the responsibility to fulfill a support role for the initiatives of this team. In their support to the two Twin Cities representatives, the fellows will gain strong experience in advocacy, processes, and extensive project management.


Additionally, the aim of this program is to further develop the research and advocacy skills of these individuals so that they may continue in their careers as advocates for students and active, engaged members of their communities. We will also find ways within this fellowship to professionally develop each individual within the fellowship program.


No specific major is required but a background or high interest in research is highly recommended.

For more information on the R2R Team, click here.