Event Grant Guidelines

Event Grant General Criteria:

  • Event Grant applications must be submitted 30 days before the event occurs.

  • Events held as fundraisers or intended to generate revenue are not eligible for funding.

  • Events cannot solicit donations or admission from attendees.

  • Events must be evaluated with rubric provided by MSA

  • Student groups receiving Student Services Fees are not eligible for Events Grants.


Expenses that MAY be funded

  • Travel expenses for speaker

  • Advertisements for the event

  • Technical Support

  • Facilities Rental

  • Supplies for Event

  • Up to 50% of food costs

Expenses that will NOT be funded

  • Travel (other than bringing in the speaker)

  • Administrative Expenses (i.e., paying an event coordinator)

  • Pre­printed publications

  • Salaries/stipends

Amount of Funding and Distribution Process:

  • Groups may not receive more than $1800/year from MSA Grants.

  • Grants are limited to $900 per event if a single group applies. 

  • Grants are limited to $1350 per event if student groups partner, no matter how many groups partner. 

  • The first 50% of the awarded money will be given to the group prior to the event. 

  • The last 50% will be given upon successful completion of the audit/evaluation form. This form must be completed 30 days after the end of the event. 

  • Checks will be available for officers to pick up at the Information Desk in Coffman Memorial Union after an email has been sent to the awarded group and must be picked up within 14 days. 

Grant will be denied if the event: 

  • Is a fundraiser or is intended to generate income for an organization

  • Charges admission or entrance fees (must be free to all U of M students)

  • The student group profits as a result of the event

  • Does not meet the criteria for an Event Grant

  • Grants Committee has final say in whether grants are approved or denied



Other criteria:

Celebration of Campus Community

  • The proposed event discusses, celebrates, or makes aware a group, idea, service, or cause at the University of Minnesota.

  • The proposed event brings together, or attempts to make a more coherent sense of Campus community.

  • The proposed event discusses how the group, idea, service, or cause is different from the norm, yet still affirms the idea of our common bond, especially at the U of M campus, despite our differences.

  • The proposed event allows its attendees to continue involvement, or to learn more about the group, idea, service, or cause after the event itself has ended.

Uniqueness of Program

  • The specific event is not provided by a University service provider, or is not accessible to students normally.

  • The event allows for a high potential of interaction between the presenters and the attendees.

  • If the event has been funded by an Event Grant in the past, the group must make improvements to the event and explain these improvements in the application for the grant.


Potential to Attract Students

  • The event is accessible to all students, free of charge, without regard to race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnic origin, disability, status as a veteran, public assistance status, age, or any other distinguishing characteristic.

  • The event will be held in an area in which a significant number of students are expected to pass through or reside.

  • The Application includes money for advertising that will take place beyond the community that surrounds the event.

  • Alternative or unique methods of advertising will be attempted in the promotion of the event.

  • Students will be directly solicited to attend the event by a representative of the Applicant.


Event Advertising

  • Plans to advertise beyond community surrounding event.

  • Alternative or unique advertising (i.e. above and beyond the normal level of advertising:

  • more than a Facebook event/group creation and postering – get creative: place an ad in the MN Daily, poster/table multiple times before the event, contact other press/news organizations).

  • Direct Solicitation from group representatives (i.e. tabling, handing out flyers during high traffic hours on the U of M bridge).


MSA Mission

  • The Minnesota Student Association expects our grants to fulfill our mission. We are dedicated to advocating for students and coordinating efforts with stakeholders of the University on behalf of all students. We advocate for student interests, engage with their feedback, and represent them in all levels of decision making.

  • The biggest way we do this is through our initiatives which can be found at z.umn.edu/MSAInitiatives.

Minnesota Student Association 

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