Maddie Miller  (she/her/hers)

Committee Director

Office Hours: Fridays 12p-2p


Current Initiatives

  • Increase education requirements surrounding environmental justice

  • Increase accessibility and equity of environmental involvement

Past Initiatives

  • Increase access to organics recycling

  • Implement more bird-safe architecture

  • Help the U move towards entirely renewable energy sources

The goal of the Environmental Accountability Committee is to serve current students, and students for generations to come, by implementing more environmentally progressive policies and actions on campus and in the Twin Cities area.

In this committee, we work on a variety of projects that tackle current environmental issues, as well as longer term projects to prevent future issues from arising. Climate change will impact our campus and the Twin Cities area in a number of ways, of which we are working to mitigate these effects in the long run by moving away from fossil fuels and harmful land use practices, and to instead prioritize renewable and regenerative practices that benefit the environment and our communities in the long run.


We are so excited to be leaders in helping to create a future that will be more sustainable, more environmentally just, and does not leave anyone behind in our movement.