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LISTEN: A Mental Health  Campaign

Mental health can affect anyone. It does not discriminate. We are going to work on ending the stigma around discussing issues around mental health and being able to discuss personal issues around mental health. 

We are continuing to push the University to review how it commemorates its history, especially through naming practices. In light of the ‘Campus Divided’ exhibit, we hope to rename and reclaim Coffman Memorial Union, Middlebrook Residence Hall, Nicholson Hall, and Coffey Hall.

The Cedar-Riverside neighborhood is a vibrant and diverse community on West Bank that has often been overlooked, and negatively perceived by U of M students. We are working to encourage student engagement with the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, both through community partnerships and education for changed perceptions.

The Gopher Trip app has already worked to make students more comfortable with on-campus bussing, but adding more resources could make it even more effective for students. Adding resources such as the well-lit pathways on campus, Gopher Way, and communication with 624-Walk and Gopher Chauffeur will improve student safety and the convenience of transportation across campus.

With the increasingly rising costs of tuition, the cost of textbooks and other academic resources can place an enormous financial burden on students. We will:

  • Push for increased use of open-source textbooks and older editions of textbooks, with support from the several CFANS professors among others who have adopted open-source textbooks.

  • Collaborate with Faculty Senate to ensure required textbooks for courses fall in line with course learning objectives.

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