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MSA Advocacy beyond the University:

The Government & Legislative Affairs Team have worked with local legislators to author and co-sponsor legislation to protect tenants from problematic leases. The legislation aims to prohibit arbitration clauses, notify tenants of short-end leases, and make leases unit-specific. 


Ending the use of arbitration clauses will allow tenants to affordably pursue housing disputes. Unit-specific leases will ensure leases know what units that are getting when they sign their lease. Notifying tenants of their lease duration will allow renters to plan in advance if their lease ends before the end of the month, an issue which disproportionately affects international and out-of-state students who are unable to find places to stay for multiple weeks between leases.

Read the legislation that we drafted with Representative Ilhan Omar who represents the University in the MN House.

Read the Legislative Initiative description, for more detail on the issues we created in partnership with Student Legal Services.