Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What type of housing will best meet your needs?

  2. Is living close to campus a priority?

  3. Do you want to live alone or with roommates?

  4. How well do you know your prospective roommates?

  5. How much can you afford to pay for housing expenses?

  6. Are you able to read and understand the lease?

  7. How much does the landlord require for a security deposit?

  8. Is the term of the lease reasonable for you?

  9. Is there an early move out date?

  10. Does your lease specify a unit?

  11. Is there a mandatory arbitration clause?

  12. What utilities do you have to pay for? How are they paid?

  13. Does your lease include furniture?



  • Take picture of your place when you move in and when you move out.

  • Have your lease looked over by Student Legal Services when you sign it.

  • Don’t let landlords pressure you into signing a lease, especially early.

  • Get more information about a particular property.  Resources Page 

  • Be cautious when applying online for housing. You may unknowingly enter into a lease by “signing” electronically.