Margaux Granath (she/her/hers)

Committee Director

Office Hours: Thursdays 1:30p-3:30p

Past Resolutions

Campus Life Committee was created with the intention of improving students’ lives on campus. We work with a variety of stakeholders--administrators, faculty, student groups--to create projects and initiatives that better the Gopher Experience!


One of our past projects includes improving medical amnesty protections across campus. This resolution, crafted in Fall of 2018, asked the University to adopt a comprehensive medical amnesty policy for victim/survivors and for controlled substance usage. This advocacy has since resulted in the implementation of the Association of Big 10 School’s medical amnesty initiative, and House File 3108 at the Minnesota State Assembly.


Campus Life Committee members have also worked with administration to create a comprehensive freedom of expression website, launching in Fall of 2020, advocate for a more inclusive and ethical dining plan through numerous dining campaigns, and push for a safer campus environment with our work on Safe-U alerts and the emergency contact policy.