In collaboration with schools in the BIG 10, we urge the U.S. Congress to act.  #BIG10FORDACA

Students are drowning in uncertainty: uncertainty about whether they will be able to live in the only country they have known, uncertainty about their ability to work, their ability to financially support their academic pursuits, and uncertainty about whether they will complete their undergraduate degree,

which they have worked so hard to attain. This uncertainty is due to the removal of the DACA program. 

A push to support these members of our community is crucial in such a time of unpredictability. MSA has partnered with students all across the country to urge the U.S. Congress to act.


Share our video with the hashtag #Big10forDACA. 

We have also have partnered with the Immigration Response team to raise money for students

impacted by DACA, TPS, and the Travel Ban. Support members of our community and make a donation at

Executive Board Statement 

The MSA Exec board voted to prioritize addressing the immigration policy changes happening on the national level. This document outlines all of our efforts. View it here.

msa's resolution 

MSA unanimously passed a resolution encouraging the following policy changes:

  1. To amend the leave of absence policy and the policy on incompletes to make reference specifically to these cases, ensuring that if none of the alternatives work, the student would still be reimbursed and have unblemished grades.

  2. To put in place the same guidelines in place for a student impacted with military duty (which are informed by the state statute).

  3. To implement a standard for professors who wish to offer long distance learning in the event that a student is removed due to their immigration status.

View full resolution here.

faculty letter 

MSA partnered with faculty to show support for long-distance learning. View the letter and the signatures at

President Kaler & Provost Hanson's Response

View their response at