Advocacy Overview

As the undergraduate student government, accessibility is crucial to what we do. It's important to us that our constituency and our community know what we're up to. Explore our advocacy by topic below, and click on the name of an initiative to learn more! 


Student Code of Conduct

Excused Absences for PSEO Students: advocating for excused absences for PSEO students taking standardized and/or high school exams

Commuter Weather Policy: ensuring that commuter students can stay safe in harsh weather conditions

Board of Regents

Student Information Privacy​: advocating for more privacy of students' information


Regents Shadowing Program: an opportunity for Regents to learn more about students' lives

Student Report to the Board of Regents: a report presenting students' interests to the Board of Regents

Campus Life

Blue Light Emergency Phones: researching blue light emergency phones to determine if more are needed on our campus


Freedom of Expression: advocating for a more firm University policy on freedom of expression

Student Representation in Dining Decisions: advocating that student voices be directly included in decisions about dining

Diversity & Inclusion

Government Affairs

Census: working to ensure every student is counted in the 2020 Census


Higher Education Act Reauthorization: advocating for the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act

Integrated Voter Registration: institutionalizing voter registration 

Health & Wellness

Health Insurance: providing students with information to navigate options for student health insurance


Mental Health Awareness: integrating mental health awareness into Orientation and Transfer Experience's "Pieces of the Puzzle" play


Proposed Dinkytown Apartment: advocating for student needs to be met by this proposed development

Inclusionary Zoning: working to ensure that students have access to affordable housing units

Renters' Rights Legislationlegislation preventing certain predatory practices by landlords

Labor Rights

Coercive Contractsraising awareness of employment contracts that silence and oppress victim survivors of workplace misconduct

Minimum Wageadvocating that the University align its minimum wage with Minneapolis's and St. Paul's minimum wage ordinances

Non-Citizen / Immigrant Students

ICE Policy: encouraging the University of Minnesota Policy Department not to comply with ICE.

Minimum Wage: advocating that the University align its minimum wage with Minneapolis's and St. Paul's minimum wage ordinances

Pathways to Citizenship

Pre-Departure Literature

Storytelling Projectuplifting the voices of non-citizen/immigrant students on our campus

Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Active Bystander Training

Medical Amnesty: advocating that medical amnesty be extended to victim survivors of sexual assault

Safe Transfer: advocating for an explicit notation on the transcripts of students suspended or expelled for sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking

"What to Say"producing a video about "what to say" when someone you love has experienced sexual assault

Sustainability & the Environment

Bird Glassconducting research about bird glass and implementing it on our campus

Organics Recycling and Zero Waste: increasing awareness of organics recycling and zero waste

Zero-Waste Spring Jam: working to make Spring Jam a zero-waste event


4th Street Circulator

Zone Pass Extensionadvocating that the University's Zone Pass be extended to the Prospect Park light rail stop

Gopher Way

Paratransit on Weekends: advocating that paratransit services be extended to weekends